Extremely simple

Now it's much easier and quicker to manage your events. With a few clicks you can create and customize your event and start selling right away.


You can create and customize your event in the smallest detail, from advanced pricing options to invoice maturity.


The order form is optimized for all types of equipment and especially for mobile.


Forget checking and manual validation of signups, now everything is automatic, you can handle something else.

Full control

You know at all times what's happening with your event, how many tickets you've sold and what you've earned.


Everything is allowed, you have no limit to the number of users, events, participants or any other essential elements.


We are next to you to help with everything you need to do extraordinary events.

Forget the Excel lists and make your life easier!

Adaptable to your needs

We have developed this solution through our direct experience and extraordinary feedback from the event organizers who use it. You will find everything you need to make success events fast and easy. You can choose one of the packages created specifically for your needs.


You can easily integrate your marketing campaign with Heme, whether you use Google Analytics, Google Adwords or Facebook Pixel.


You can increase sales quickly with affiliates. You have everything you need to create account tracking and tracking codes and your affiliates have their own account for tracking their earnings.


You have control in the smallest detail on the content of the messages sent to the participants. You even have an HTML editor that allows you to organize the content as you wish.


You can find complete information about order status, enrolled participants and many other details at any time. You can also export data to Excel for further processing.


I appreciate first of all the willingness and the promptness to offer consultancy during the collaboration. The application is a great help for event organizers and I recommend using it.

Carmen Ciocian, Libero Events
Carmen Ciocian, Libero Events

Using your app for our corporate events has been an inspired decision, given the remarkable results we have had in terms of quality, speed and time.

Daniel Crainic, Imobiliare.ro
Daniel Crainic, Imobiliare.ro

The Heme application helps you enormously, it's like having an assistant working for you day and night. It helped me to automate the flow of enrollments to my live events, but also to online courses.

Dragos Stoian, Speaker, Trainer, Blogger
Dragos Stoian, Speaker, Trainer, Blogger


0 / month

without a subscription, you only pay after you cash in
Pay As You Go*

tot ce ai nevoie când începi organizarea de evenimente

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29 / month

for an annual subscription, otherwise 49 € / month
Pay As You Go*

the full package for extraordinary events       

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79 / month

for an annual subscription, otherwise 99 € / month
negotiable commission*

extra services for companies that want to deliver the best

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PayAsYouGo - you pay only a 4.2% commision (minimum of 4lei/order) for the paid orders and nothing before or on a monthly basis. Monthly subscription packages offer additional support services. The transaction fee does not include Mobilpay's commision for card and bank transfer processing fee, of 0.99% + VAT of the value of the tickets issued.
You can purchase SMS packs for additional notifications. Integration with third party services is in beta.

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Frequent asked questions

Send us an email with your question if you can not find the answer in the list below and we will reply to you as soon as possible

How Heme can help me?

Heme is an application that allows you to automate the registration of participants in your events so that you can handle all the other important aspects of the organization.

I organize courses and seminars, I can use Heme?

Of course you can. Heme allows you to greatly relieve your work with the registration, payment and validation of the participants, be it 20 or 20,000.

Can I invoicing with Heme?

You can do more than that. You can automate the issuance of pro forma and tax invoices and forget about other billing programs.

How to collect money through Heme?

Payment is made within 4 days of receipt. In addition you have the option to choose the time of settlement.

What is the fee for online payment?

The commission for all transactions is the standard of Mobilpay, 0.99% plus VAT.

Who processes online payments?

We work with the best payment processor in Romania, MobilPay. All transactions comply with the highest security protocols for online transactions.

Why there is a monthly / annual payment?

We want to be closer to you and help you with all aspects of your events. The price paid is the quality support offered and additional services.

Cai I test Heme?

Of course. Choose the free package or any other package and you will have 14 days of free use. Keep in mind, however, that the minimum commision and Mobilpay's fee for all transactions are applied during this period.

I have no technical knowledge, I can use Heme?

Anyone can use Heme, even without technical knowledge. If you need extra help, we are at your disposal.

I'm using another email application, how do I do?

If you use MailChimp or ActiveCampaign is as though it is done. If you use another application write us and we do our best to add it as soon as possible.

Do online campaigns, how do I do in Heme with them?

We've integrated Heme with the most used tracking services, such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar, Webminar Jam.

Can I subscribe only a month or two?

We are very flexible, so you can choose the period for which you use the application yourself, one month, two, three, a year or another period.

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